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Special Forces – SOF | September 18, 2014

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200 U.S. contractors surrounded by jihadists in Iraq

200 U.S. contractors surrounded by jihadists in Iraq
  • pinit preview none 200 U.S. contractors surrounded by jihadists in Iraq

About 200 Americans under contract with the Department of Defense at Balad Air Force Base in Iraq are trapped by the al-Qaida-inspired jihadists who have seized control of two cities and are now threatening Baghdad, according to WND sources.

The sources, private contractors who have recently returned to the U.S. from Iraq, said Friday their former colleagues effectively have been abandoned by the U.S. military and are fighting for their lives against an army of jihadists surrounding the base who belong to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.


The U.S. contractors are at Balad to help the Pentagon prepare the facilities for the delivery of the F-16 aircraft the Obama administration has agreed to provide the Iraqi government.

The surrounded Americans said they currently are under ISIS fire from small arms, AK47s, and rocket propelled grenades, or RPGs.

The contractors so far have been able to hold the base, but those on the scene reported it was only a matter of time before the ISIS terrorists succeeded in breaking through the perimeter. The sources confirmed the contractors were still under siege, despite an Associated Press report Thursday, citing U.S. officials, that three planeloads of Americans were being evacuated from Balad.

WND has learned from sources that the jihadists have closed down escape routes, and the U.S. Air Force is in a stand-down position. U.S. forces are not assisting even with air cover so a private extradition flight could land for a rescue, the sources said.

Privately scheduled exit flights have fallen through, sources said, as several private pilots originally scheduled to make the flights have quit.

The sources contend the U.S. military could provide the necessary air cover to protect C-130s or other air transport craft sufficient to make the evacuation, but so far officials have refused to get involved.

Balad Air Force Base has been under attack since Wednesday, when ISIS rebels seized the nearby town of Tikrit, the birthplace of Saddam Hussein.

The attacking ISIS forces approached Balad Air Force Base in trucks Wednesday and called through loudspeakers for all private security forces and Iraqi special military to leave immediately or die.

The U.S. private contractors in touch with WND reported that after hearing the broadcast, the private security forces and the Iraqi military defending the base dropped their weapons and ran.

The American contractors collected the weapons left behind and were able to hold off further immediate advances.



  1. Marcus Ray Crawford

    While president will release more and get everyone out, right

  2. Andres Skorzeny

    come home and tell the story … but first … remove the most that they can …

  3. Andres Skorzeny

    if I take voluntary'm happy to help

  4. Luke Koetje

    Leave no man behind. Oh yeah… That's only true for deserters.

  5. Ron Thomas

    Get them guys outta there!!!

  6. Mark Vial

    Glad ur not there Alex Little

  7. they'll probably have to try to hold out with some air support until the 2 brigades of Iranians show up to fight the sunni jihadists

  8. Will Josiah Rivera

    Maybe AMK9 can use the dogs!!!

  9. There not soldiers anymore there mercs slaves to the £$€ so they gave up there right for all right ninja ness lol

  10. Desiree Gaudet

    Presently, the IRAQI Air Force has evacuated most of them out with C-130s. Still waiting to hear if the last group has gotten out.

  11. Desiree Gaudet

    The IRAQI air force is evacuating them with their C-130's.

  12. Stan Bowles

    Always one keyboard warrior asshole.

  13. What a bell-end you are Townsend.

  14. Parker Woods-Wilson

    Pray for these gentleman. Above all things, Faith is the greatest weapon against the Jihadists. For only men of such caliber and zeal can withstand their onslaught. In the least pray that God is merciful and will spare them death and defeat.

    Obama, you have one chance to give the entire United States a good thing to say about you. Don’t mess it up.

  15. Parker Woods-Wilson

    Do their job and them tell me what you think of them. No one who has no combat experience has the right to insult a soldier like that.

  16. David Mauk

    right.. except they are still US citizens contracted to perform a service to the US; they may not be on contract as members of the armed forces to render service of a purely military nature, but essentially they are no more mercenary than someone who contracts to serve the US in the military. They are like any government employee, only the job they are being paid to do happens to be in a very dangerous country. I don't see how that forfeits their right to a rescue, townsend.

  17. Chase Williams

    Parker Woods-Wilson Even if you have combat experience you never insult a soldier

  18. Edward Asher

    Fuck Off Townsend

  19. What a fucken knob you are Townsend .. I guess it would be a different story if it was you or one of your family trying to get out … fucken moron !!!!

  20. Parker Woods-Wilson

    Chase Williams At least with that there's some kind of ground to stand on that makes them both equals. I'm not saying it's a good idea. I'm saying they have no right.

  21. John Greenan Jr

    Desiree Gaudet fuck yeah!

  22. Desiree Gaudet

    John Greenan Jr Yep, I'm still waiting to hear from my friend who is there.

  23. John Greenan Jr

    Desiree Gaudet Keep us posted!

  24. Desiree Gaudet

    John Greenan Jr I will.

  25. Daniel Jr Zimmer

    I volunteer to get them out!!

  26. As the battle for Iraq worsens, it was only a matter of time before the private contractors became a part of the religious insurgency happening inside the country. We have for years watched the slaughter in Iraq take place as we were on the front lines of this conflict daily, driving and operating in these still war torn, destructive, polarized, religiously divided cities.

    What the U.S. Government tells you about Iraq is incorrect, what the prime minister of Iraq says cannot be believed, what the armchair pundits tell you is nonsense and is an educated guess at best. I spent the better part of the past six years working TWISS, BESF, WPPS and WPS contracts all over the country of Iraq and I tell you first hand, it is and always will be lawless, the local populace has neither the will nor the capability to defend itself, nor does it care.

    The Iraqi Government is full of bluster, hype, over confidence and lacks the ability to make cohesive decision that are in the best interest of all of its citizens. The American people should demand that our government help recover these great American contractors, then fly off into the sunset leaving Iraq to its on devices.

    I can tell you for certain we are not wanted their and cannot influence the situation on the ground without overwhelming combat power and that is not something that I condone. We as a country have lost way too much in the fight for Iraq's life, its time to let it fight for its on survival.

    To all the contractors be brave, strong and shoot straight and may god bless you. To my buddies still on the ground, I will pray for you each night until you return.

  27. Mack Bolan

    Having been a Pvt Contractor for over 20 years, with Special Operations, and having "retired," in late 2013, after so many coming back "out" of retirement, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that if this exact scenario as written, is true, then I can only hope that the Iraqi Air Force that is getting them out, is fully successful in getting ALL of them out, because as sure a bear shits in the woods, O'Dolf and his bastard administration, will do NOTHING, just as they left our own CITIZENS to die in Benghazi!

  28. No, ACTUAL weapon is the greatest weapon against the Jihiadists. And help from the US Military, especially US Air Force. And in this case Obama is the God who can help and send troops out there. Prayer won't do SHIT!!!

  29. John Luke

    As a Sgt serving in the British Army you sure a CUNT.

  30. We're getting ready to go back in.

  31. Alinda Fallon

    Ines Sabanovic Prayer does help. Those of us that cannot do anything about this situation, need to pray for our men, and women, and allies that are there and going over there. For their safety, protection. We better pray! Simple airstrikes would help, but he won't even do that so our people can get out. We don't need boots on the ground!

  32. Alinda Fallon

    I agree with you. Main thing is to get our people and allies OUT. Alive!

  33. Motor Man

    Thank you IRAQ Air Force and Iraq Special Forces for having the right stuff !!!!!!! Semper Fi SF !!!!!!

  34. Michael Bonnette

    Those US contractors are mostly former military guys and a lot of the top contractors are former Special Ops guys. Sure they don't work for the DOD as a US troop. But they were there for the US. So leaving guys who are working for the US and most likely Veterans is pretty absurd thing to do to these guys. But it's really not surprising with this administration. Never thought the Iraqi Air Force would do more for a US citizen then our own Air Force *smh*

  35. Alinda Fallon

    Townsend, you can't spell, and probably don't even speak English, or even your own language very well, whatever that is. Can you read this?? You are and ignorant ingrate, and suffer from a rectal-cranial inversion!

  36. Motor Man

    THANK YOU Iraqi Air Force and Iraqi SF for getting us out. Not 1 person in Balad dropped their weapon or surrendered, so get this story straight !!!!

  37. Alinda Fallon

    I'd go over there and help get them out! What I can and will do for sure, is pray, and make phone calls and send emails to Congressman and Senators!

  38. Alinda Fallon it will help you – not them. And with all due respect – it is not about you, it is about people loosing their lives. When a person like the gentleman above says " faith is the greatest weapon against the Jihadist" I would send him in Iraq put him in this camp and I would say to him – well go ahead and pray – you said it is the greatest weapon. You can be religious but please do not be ignorant. Good day.

  39. Ines S: "Obama is … God"

    Pu-leeeease. Really? I understand your point, but really? Obama worship got us into this mess. The Air Force is not necessarily the best support for this either. The Marines have perfected close air support, but I digress…

    Yes they need weapons. But having The God is the greatest weapon of all. He blows up stars you know, in case you were unaware of his power.

  40. Chris Hill Please do read my comment again – since you obviously completely misunderstood it. So if you have God on your side ( and why is he on your side and not on the side of other people anyway, you have some claim to God or what?) why do you use weapons in US Navy then? Since God is the greatest weapon of all. You're using wikipedia as your source as a proof of God? hahahahahha :D OMG!!! Really??? Thanks for making me laugh :D

  41. Let the beheadings begin

  42. With apologies , this was not ment to offend this was a bit of banter aimed at a few of my friends, who I'm sure will see the funny side and what time it was sent it, who have sent the banter the other way , so sorry

  43. Alinda Fallon

    Ines Sabanovic It will not help me, it will help them, I am sorry you do not understand, or comprehend. I am not religious, I believe. however, you seem to like to judge, name call, and put labels on people., as you just have to me. With all respect that IS due, I have loved ones IN Iraq, going to Iraq, and in AFG. Since I cannot go and help physically, can you? Probably not, I will pray , which will do something, since I cannot go there, what will you do? Talk to the air? that does nothing. Or talk to someone that can do something, got any connections? Bendicion

  44. Simon Winkson

    What utter bollocks. In the fairy story, you remember the bits about the martyrs right? So, if praying works, praying can get you killed. And if it doesn't work, it will also get you killed.

  45. Renelfa Labor

    Glad ur safe my dear friend….Thanks God!

  46. Maybe O'bama needs to fly in on Air Force One and get them out himself. He likes vacations and such.

  47. John Richardson

    Ines Sabanovic Attractiv and intelligent perhaps? This friggen Jihad shit is all on account of prayer. I heard the preacher shouting "petition the Lord with Prayer" ? You CANNOT petition the LORD with prayer. Gods do not do the beckoned call of mortal men. Does a man answer the beckoned call of a grasshopper, or a spider? Heed the need of a FLY? Yeah right!

  48. TO make a long story short – I WAS a contractor for 4 years.Both in Iraq and Afghanistan. And If it were me in this situation, abandoned by the military and surrounded by Jihadist i would as hell more want LOTS and LOTS of guns around me than prayer. It is so easy to write crap from your home not understanding what the situation out there is. Thank you and good bye. Hope prayer feeds you, pays your bills and keeps you safe.

  49. Alinda Fallon Where did I judge? Or name called anyone? Well you have people there and I WAS there did my share of helping for 4 years. So please if the truth hurts you – your problem. Bye.

  50. Yall it is obamas plan all along to give figthr jets and tomahawk to his jihafist brother. He is destrying the usa one base at a tinme

  51. You do have a very good point there, Ines.

  52. Nick Thoele

    Um, actually I think I would prefer bullets. Bullets dipped in bacon grease.

  53. Tim DiMarzio

    Ines Sabanovic Please don't refer to him who shall not be named as a "God"…. He is FAR from that..

  54. Tim DiMarzio

    Ditto Man… I was there 4.5 years and the word out was an illusion at best…

  55. Tim DiMarzio I don't understand?

  56. Christopher Frey Thank you. People think it is enough to THINK OF good deeds not actually do them. But life ain't about thinking or praying it is about DOING and doing it right. Have a good day Sir.

  57. Tim DiMarzio

    Ines Sabanovic In regards to part of a comment you made…"And in this case Obama is the God who can help and send troops out there. Prayer won't do SHIT!!!" Maybe you did''t mean it, but it perturbed me you referencing or identifying him as such. Just my opinion.

  58. Tim DiMarzio I am not a religious person and I really don't give a damn about Obama. Please try and understand what I was trying to say – go ahead and read the comments again. Have a nice day.

  59. Tim DiMarzio

    Ines Sabanovic I did read it again. And I see you're not a religious person which is fine. Just the reference as I said perturbs me. You have a nice day too.

  60. The way I read it they did say that Balad held their ground, however the forces in Tikrit dropped their weapons and ran. Maybe I read it wrong…

  61. Jim Larsen

    IF the Iraqi AF is; or did get them out, I wonder how long it will be before the administration tries to take credit for the action. I have this feeling that soon, there will be someone behind a podium, on a lawn somewhere, saying, "I brought them home," or "I am responsible for getting them out," or a bunch more rhetoric using the word "I" over and over………Of course, "out of concern for their safety, the US had to keep quiet about their efforts behind the scenes"……..

  62. Orlando Lopez

    It's look like another Benghazy. What a shame Mr President

  63. Cameron Tsolis

    i would imagine its going down like this

  64. Jason William Houghton

    I'm sure ISIS heard about the 5 for 1 deal going on right now for traitors, so they are probably assuming they will get at least 20 for every contractor. I'm not certain if there are 400 prisoners they would even want back though.

  65. They got away with it in Benghazi so why not throw more Americans into a meat grinder.

  66. Eli Johnson

    We need to go in there and thunder clapp who ever is attaching the base, I've been to Balad AFB, no there not military but they are Americans none the less,GET OUR PEOPLE OUT OF THERE ASAP.. LETS GO

  67. Ines Sabanovic well then since life isn't about thinking or running your fucking mouth and is about
    "DOING", either pick up your kit and move out or stopping running your cock-holster. The original commenter was simply doing what they are capable of doing, you are just being a silly cunt, telling us about your 4 years as a contractor. The person that cleaned my laundry was a "contractor" too, doesn't make them qualified to set up a defensive perimeter and fight off some bat shit crazy hadji's! I apologize to the others, don't denigrate others for do something, when you are doing the exact same thing….being unproductive!

  68. Justin Emerick

    That sounds about right, Them running away that is… they did the same when I was there.. "You can lead a horse to water, but ya cant make him drink".

  69. The last bit makes no sense at all. The US contractors dropped their weapons and ran, but Americans picked them up and fought? Am I missing something here if so please enlighten me.

  70. Paul Mike

    they better get those people out!!

  71. yeah Mike….but a lot of these guys were engineers and aero techs, not really accustom to fighting off the bad guys.

  72. Motor, do you know if all guys have been evacted? Had a few buddies in the AO and last I heard they were still on the ground?

  73. It appears as you have spent time in the sandbox, so you should know damn well that not all "contractors" are gunfighters… Don't be a fuck stick, those are some of your brothers there too!

  74. Desiree Gaudet

    Awesome, dude!!!!!!!

  75. Desiree Gaudet


  76. Frank Whitaker You feel better now? I always like to help morons to blow their steam out a little… I know it must be hard living like one for sure.

  77. David Richards

    deserers that love Islam

  78. Darlene C. Matthews

    Did some Corporations ignore request to get them out? Should THOSE CORPORATIONS fund the rescue? Americans were asked to leave and evacuated!

  79. Darlene C. Matthews

    Americans were evacuated .

  80. Darlene C. Matthews

    If they chose not to leave when USA evacuated everyone – they need more than a prayer.

  81. Darlene C. Matthews

    If they chose not to leave when USA evacuated everyone – The Corporations should fund their rescue.

  82. Darlene C. Matthews

    all were asked to evacuate . why some stayed is foolishness… unless they couldn't evac all before this.

  83. Darlene C. Matthews

    All were asked to evacuate Corporations who stayed should foot the bill.

  84. Darlene C. Matthews not all of them

  85. Darlene C. Matthews

    Gerard Scacchi Sr why not? if they chose to stay Corporations should organize rescue & foot the bill. if was just not enough to take them – then send in limited troops to rescue IMHO.

  86. Send me over I'll help out

  87. David Miscavage

    Ines Sabanovic your right just send in troops and stop acting like we r getting bullied. no surrender no pows just dead isis or w.e. assholes. make a point not to fuck with us.

  88. Ines S, I read your comment and you gave our President a bit more clout than he (or any man) deserves. Many in this country see him as a god. When you don't believe in The God, you'll believe in any "god". All men need someone to worship.

    The weapons of man are necessary tools in this world. But they do not exceed the power of God. God creates and destroys stars (did you not understand my point?).

    No, God is not on my side. I have chosen to be on his side, and he has redeemed me to be with him. Those that seek him, he will protect.

  89. Chris Hill i do not see him as a god. It was just an example. Please do not make more of my comment than that is already written. Have a nice day!

  90. Darlene C. Matthews

    Who gave the evac orders? Who negotiated for IAF to do it and transfer the Americans? This is not the time to play far right politics vs the Commander in Chief.

  91. Darlene C. Matthews

    Ines Sabanovic Yes, some people don't get the reality of these things and some say ill pray for you and after those easy words , say they are done .

  92. Darlene C. Matthews

    Chris Hill, The Irony is that I never heard any one except the politically extreme right make that claim about Obama. PS: Atheists in Foxholes exist . They fight for freedoms for all. I know a couple.

  93. Darlene C. Matthews What part of the entire article did you not seem to get??? Let me guess who you voted for…twice.

  94. Kenny Long

    Darlene C. Matthews , The USA didn't evacuate everyone! The USA has been paying them to be there! Read the article, they were there to prepare to receive F-16's. When the military pulled out in 2011, there were about 20,000 US contractors that we relied upon to finish the job. With the growing insurgency, there are only about 5000 still there currently at my last check.

  95. Charles Cooper

    Alinda Fallon Prayer is that little solace for the common masses to convince themselves it's all going to be alright. Like those contractors, it's probably smarter to deal with the situation at hand directly whether than hoping for some divine intervention and hoping that their winning on the dice roll of who's god has a bigger dick.

  96. Darlene C. Matthews

    Shawn Patterson or you could ask ….What part of a single, limited news source am i supposed to take for granted?

  97. David Leonard

    these contractors guys aren't soldiers

  98. Private Contractors is just a new word for mercenaries. I hope they get out, simply as a human being, but let's not get sentimental.

  99. Sherrel Stephenson

    The Iraqis ran. The contractors picked up the weapons left behind.

  100. Darlene C. Matthews

    Kenny Long CURRENTLY there was an order to evacuate all and most American and others left. If they ignored it then Corporations should pay despite some or all ops being taxpayer funded. If there wasn't enough evac effort then that is a different story.

  101. Sandra Martinez

    Wtf. Obama stand up and fight for theses people the way they have fought for you. The people of this country swore allegiance and loyalty and this is how you repay them fit going against al-Qaida and the other terrorist you abandon your own. You do not have my vote next time. No way. I hate war but this could have easily been here. There are baby's women children being executed there right now.

  102. Kenny Long

    Darlene C. Matthews , that's exactly what happened. There are no US military flights and the private pilots quit! Now they're relying on the Iraqi military to get them out.

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