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Pistol Crvena Zastava 99 – CZ 99 9mm caliber

In the late eighties of the last century of, militia and army of Yugoslavia (SFRY), the contest for the new pistol to replace older models of pistols in use at that time such as Zastava M57 and Mod. 70th Red Flags team of engineers led by Bozidar Blagojevic got a real challenge to complete the design of the new guns and yarn stage prototypes within 5-6 months. The team has in fact crossed all the records in completing the documentation for the new gun in just 90 days! The design was completed in late 1989. year.

The engineering team was then driven to prototyping. The prototype was completed just in time for the fair arms in Las Vegas (SHOT) where the prototype was first unveiled to the public. Criticisms received were applied in the design and improved prototype was unveiled at the IWA fair in Nuremberg weapons (Germany). Modified prototype got good reviews and Flag made two more prototypes were sent to SjedinjeneAmeričke States August 1990th Test results were positive and moved to mass production beginning 1991. Investing 2 million dollars to modernize the line of best CNC equipment at that time.

The funds were enough to start mass production early 1991st was as planned.

CZ 89 or CZ 99?

Naming convention for the new gun is at least partially clear. The easy part is the abbreviation CZ: “Crvena Zastava”
But why is the gun that is designed 1989th The marked number 99? This was a mystery until the story came out flags that the prototype of a new gun made just before the deadline for sending the “SHOT” fair in Las Vegas. The last step was the engraving quality. The work order was submitted to the Zastava engravers to mark the gun as the CZ 89 which was the original name of the gun. When he returned he had a prototype of the CZ 99 CZ instead feature 89th, Never been clarified who made the mistake, but the time for change was not a gun, and went out in public like CZ 99th

Design and Features CZ 99

CZ 99 was and still is a modern firearm that is intrinsically united a lot of new technology in the design phase and even more in production. Zastava went with computerized CAD / CAM process. What this means is that a computerized program can be loaded into the machine anywhere in the world dal ‘in the factory arms or not, and can make any part of it – or the whole gun! Today it is not unusual, but at that time it was not something widely practiced.

CZ 99 design is based on the Switzerland / Germany SIG Sauer P226 pistol (in my opinion the best pistol ever made). CZ 99 differed from P226 in the number of things. Holder is based on the Walther P 88 pistol. CZ 99 is not a copy of the two arms has already “borrowed” some solutions and adapted them for their own purposes. For example, the cover has been manufactured P226 The pressing pieces of steel in the shape of a gun and CZ 99 is built of one solid piece of steel.

Length of the CZ 99 pistol is 190mm, height 140mm and 108mm long pipe. The gun has a mass of 970 grams (9 mm) and 960 grams (.40 S & W). Standard warehouse capacity is 15 rounds in 9mm , and 11 in .40 S & W caliber. There are non fabric redesigned warehouses that increase the capacity to 18 or 13 rounds.

Barrel of the gun is made from the same material that was used for the M-84 machine gun. The tube is forged and hard chrome plated. Tests done in the U.S. 1991-1992 showed that easily dissipating heat. While this is not a problem for pistols like the machine gun, and fired heat pipe means you spend less time in the process of contraction / expansion and thus increases the lifetime of the tube.

The only complaint on the original design was that the ramp to “feed” the bullet into the barrel vulnerable to bullets have a cavity to expand. Although Flag eliminate the problem, the American importer went one step ahead and polished the ramp at all pistols came to the U.S. before they would send them to the shops.

The holder is made of aluminum alloy, which is used in the airline industry as a material for aircraft landing gear. Users with smaller hands have complained that the bracket a little higher for their hands but all in all the gun is known for good ergonomics. The controls are located on the left and on the right side of the gun does not have a lot of modern even today.

CZ 99 jacket and tight fitting holder and gun features high precision. The tests proved to be reliable in standard military tests in the mud, ice, water and sand.

In the U.S., there were about 51 police agencies that have contacted the U.S. distributor (Nationwide Sports) and show an interest to buy a CZ 99 for the service. Police of Valencia in the state of New Mexico is one of those who had the opportunity to try CZ 99 and they recommended guns for their officers. In their tests proved to be a durable gun that is well fed and fired many different types of ammunition. According to the results CZ 99 is best worked with lighter bullets heavier load. A couple of ammunition reported a precision of 5cm to 22m but are heavier 147gr.bullets record groups within 10cm to 22m. [“Newcomers from the East” by Whit Collins. “Law & Order”, Sept. 1992nd]

CZ 99 in service

After the gun passed tests army and militia, was adopted as a gun for both services. The political and economic situation at that time were significantly slowed the introduction of CZ 99 in service. Today, the main CZ 99 pistol in the service of the Serbian Army and Police.

Meanwhile CZ 99 was exported to the U.S.. “TD Arms” the company has sold 99 CZ American public with much success. Price at that time was $ 275 (300 for the gun with wooden handles). CZ 99 was sold for a few years until 1993.when sanctions are ended imports of CZ 99th.

CZ 99 Compact G

At a time when the first models CZ 99 pistol started down the line, Flags engineers began work on a compact version of CZ 99 pistol.
Compact of CZ 99 differed only in the length of the sleeve. Ram is the same for both guns. Cover was shortened to 8mm. Gun barrel was shortened to the same length, 100mm to 108mm compared to ordinary CZ 99th Shape front sleeve openings for the breech block pipes also changed.

The first customers CZ 99 Compact G-gun were Israelis. Deliveries to Israel began at a time when UN sanctions take effect. That left the number CZ 99 Compact pistol on the lines of G Flags and Israel ordered without a gun, so the bargain was made between Israel and Yugoslavia to Israel sells licenses for the production of the pistol in Israel. KSN Industries is licensed and plans and began production in late 1993, and largely intended for Israel on the lines of flags were completed and sold within Yugoslavia.

CZ 99 S

CZ 99S is essentially a CZ 99 pistol on exterior brake. The brake is mounted on the left sleeve, back at the very end.The safe position the brake blocks firing mechanism and firing pin to prevent the cycle and fire the gun.

Foreign production CZ 99: “Golan” and “TA-99″

Israel and South Africa have shown interest in this gun and bought a license from the flag to make their own copies of the pistol. Israeli company “KSN Industries.” Has purchased a license for CZ 99 Compact G with shorter tubes of 100mm. Israel is the name of the gun, “Golan”. The appearance of the pistol caused confusion among some journalists who compared this gun with Zastava Compact G without knowing that it is a copy of the flag. Golan was also short on a regular american shops exported to South America.

Meanwhile, South African companies “Tressitu” also bought the rights to the CZ 99 and began production of its TZ-99. Tressitu company is closed due to lack of money and produced TZ-99 as they gather dust on warehouse unitl some number is not imported and produced sold in the U.S. in 2001. As CZ 99, TZ-99 had good reviews and quickly sold out.

Future CZ 99

CZ 99 pistol is the Serbian Armed Forces and various police forces of Serbia and as such CZ 99 is still in production. I doubt that it will be built up new versions of the CZ 99 pistol given to his heirs, CZ 999, CZ 999 Scorpion and the latest CZ 05 took leading position in the production.

However, the CZ 99 is still in demand and production. Radio Television of Serbia announced the news at the end of January 2008. that the new Iraqi government is interested to buy 18,000 pieces of CZ 99 pistol in his army, thus continuing a long tradition between the flags and the Iraqi government – both old and new. Of 18000 pistols, 3000 will be a festive, especially engraved guns, and 15,000 will be guns for Iraqi officers.

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