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Pistol Crvena ZASTAVA M70 caliber 7.65mm

Pistol Crvena ZASTAVA M70 caliber 7.65mm

Pistol Crvena Zastava M70 caliber 7.65 mm is intended to destroy enemy forces live fire in close combat, at distances of not more than 50 meters most successful effects are achieved at distances up to 30 meters while at larger distances is generally imprecise. Semi-automatic weapons and a full frame of 8 rounds. When the box is not in the grip cycle and fire can not be executed.

The gun has the following pieces:
– Pipe
– Cover with zip and tombstones,
– Bearing sleeve,
– Feedback mechanism
– Handrail,
– Triggering mechanism,
– Frame and
– Accessories.

Dismantling and assembling M70 CRVENA ZASTAVA

Gun disassembles for cleaning, lubrication, replacement of defective parts and for training. Jobs disassembly are harmful because they accelerate wear. Before disassembling the gun should always check to see if it is empty.

Disassembles the following sequence:

– Detachable clip: cover fingers of the left hand over the right sleeve and take a wooden stick. Wand prop recoil springs push back and thumb of your left hand to pull the bearing sleeve to ourselves. Turn the bearing sleeve 180 degrees and remove from the sleeve. Take a gun in his right hand, pull back mechanism in advance and take out joint.
– Detachable cover: left hand cover and remove the cover from the hand pulling it forward and place guardrail;
– Separate feedback mechanism: take cover in the palm of the left (right) hand and fingers to catch guidance for discharge pipe. Feedback mechanism to pull up and pull back from the tube.
– To separate the pipe sleeve: the 7.65 mm M70 gun tube immediately pulled out of cover;
– To separate the triggering mechanism: the fingers to catch the body triggering mechanism and pull mechanism from the hand;
– Separate layers: take grip with your left hand so that the opening of the box facing upwards and slightly tilted towards the body. Rod from accessories, punch out accessories rifles, a screwdriver or other object push hardener left cover to the left and separate cover. In turn hand grip so that the right hand to cover it and push the left end of resin binder to yourself (or vice versa) and separate cover, and
– Disassemble the box: take the left (right) hand so the bottom is facing up and slotted the hardener bottom right. Left thumb placed on the bottom edge of the frame. Screwdriver or other object hardener pushed down the bottom, while the thumb left hand bottom of the frame to the right until the hole does not pass through the bottom outlet of resin.Defer a screwdriver, remove the bottom of the frame and hardener bottom and pull out of the body and spring bullets.

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