Special units of Kosovo Police - ROSU 4

Most police in Kosovo work as patrol officers. However, there is a part of the forces that have specialized in investigative and specialized units in six regions, including the organized crime, the forensic unit and a few others. In addition to these specialized units, each region has its own Regional Operational Support Unit (Regional Operational Support Unit – ROSU) makes these SWAT called ROSU specialists. ROSU specialists are specially trained to perform the most difficult form of arrests, violent attacks and conducting search warrants, and to prevent distortion of JRM in greater volume, or when you need control of the masses.

First ROSU units in Kosovo were formed in the capital Pristina, and at first had a regional unit for street crime (Regional Street Crimes Unit). ROSU special unit was formed in early 2002. Year. This unit was stationed in Kosovo Polje and is used to support the entire territory of Kosovo. Later, the success of this unit and additional responsibilities in team missions, including assistance in the execution of complex operations, as well as cooperation with the CPU unit, the unit was renamed the dew and the same units were formed in each region of Kosovo. The idea was that each unit works specifically with the commander who reporting to chief commander, similar to how a State Police (State Police) in the United States.

Other special units in Kosovo

In addition, ROSU units in Kosovo there are other special units with similar or close relative of users and authorizations. In the next section we briefly describe their development and use.

Close Protection Unit (CPU)

Close Protection Unit and close protection unit within the Kosovo Police was formed on 21 January 2002. Year. The main task of the CPU is to provide personal protection of VIPs. In addition, the CPU unit provides protection for persons who are under threat. The CPU also takes tatkičke surgery, accompanied the delegation and made the evacuation of international staff and police officers of the Kosovo Police.

Special Intervention Unit – SIU (Former GSI / SIG – FIT)

The Kosovo police special unit was formed in 2003. Year. In the beginning it was organized as a standard unit with two SWAT team of 15 police officers who are trained by two American instructors. In March 2005. Years of their use are presented as an elite special forces based in the counter-terrorism and hostage spašvanje. Implementing a strict selection which consisted of several tests, and only 18 candidates from several hundred volunteers were admitted to the first generation units. It was formed, established and armed by UNMIK professional instructors who have worked in the same business in their countries, including Egyptian HRF, the German GSG-9 and the like. In late 2006. Due to certain difficulties the project was transformed into a standard special police unit in the range of U.S. “SWAT” team, called the FIT – First Intervention Team. The project is led by the French army. In late 2007. HODIN unit has begun an upgrade to new challenges and changing threat. She took the name of SIU, Specialized Intervention Unit.