Bravo Two Zero: British SAS commandos in

Even in the preparations for Operation “Desert Storm” in command of the allied forces was known that the main threat to Iraq’s neighboring countries pose, long-range missiles, surface-to-earth SCUD. Therefore, the plan of which the operation is planned to carry out the destruction of mobile launchers for firing these rockets. And that, combined special operations unit from the ground and precision air strikes. Way into the background of Iraqi troops, infiltrated a group of British commandos, member of the SAS (Special Air Service) and the U.S. Special Forces (Green Berets, Delta, Navy Seals …). These forces invisible warriors, have played an important role in Operation “Desert Storm”, destroying a significant number of SCUD missile systems and radar.

Bravo Two Zero patrol

Members of the British SAS special forces were organized into two types of units. The first group consisted of four mobile elements – columns, equipped armed jeeps and Land Rover Unimog. They have infiltrated the area, known as the “Scud box” space in the western desert, near the border with Jordan, where, according to intelligence contained 14 mobile SCUD launchers. Their task was to perform sabotage and attacks on these targets.

The second group of “static” for surveillance patrols of roads – Road Watch Parols, each consisted of 8 members.Their task was to observe the main communication – Main Supply Routs, which ranged Iraqi forces and to report on how the command. The Iraqi background incorporates three such patrols – South, Central and North. Having to locate targets, members of the SAS are called combat aviation (U.S. F-15 and A-10), and then using the laser tracers goals, with the country’s airline cited bombs and missiles.

North observation patrols, codenamed the Bravo Two Zero, desantirana a helicopter in Iraq deepest background – 100 miles northwest of Baghdad. The weather was awful, it was replaced by wind, rain and sleet, it was the worst winter in the last 30 years. Patrol led by Sergeant Andy McNab, as his pen name, not his real name. The patrol had brought food and water for 14 days, explosives, ammunition for M-16 rifle with a grenade launcher podcjevnim M203 40mm caliber, grenades, extra clothes, radio, maps, compasses and survival equipment. Observing one of the roads, they’ve spotted the SCUD launcher and tried to send its first “situational Report” (Sit Rep) basis. Midfielder Steven “Legas” Lane šifrovao the message, but failed to establish a connection and sends a command.

On the second day, but the problems started. Shepherd who was tending goats, spotted the patrol, in the dry river bed and ran to the Iraqi soldiers. Patrol therefore immediately got ready for the run, trying, still unsuccessfully to establish a connection with the database. They filled the ranches and retreating rapidly westward. At one point, they heard the sound of the engine behind. It was an Iraqi armored personnel carrier, accompanied by the other vehicle, who opened fire with machine guns on patrol. SAS patrol returned protivtenkovskim rockets, grenades and machine gun fire from the FN Minimi, and they were able to destroy an armored vehicle, several trucks and threw him out of the machine a dozen enemy soldiers. Has already begun to fall night, the patrol decided to pull out as quickly as possible “contact combat” as their physical stamina permitting, the weight of the equipment you are carrying.

Fiery clash with the pursuit

After still not succeeded to establish radio contact with the base, or with AWACS plane in the air, using a signaling device for rescue TACBE Sergeant Andy McNab’s colleagues presented a plan. Iraqis towards Saudi Arabia, and this line will certainly block. Jordan was in the west, but there was not any of the military personnel, with whom we could get in touch. Syria is situated 120 km north-west, was a member of the “anti-Saddam coalition” and Andy McNab decided to go in this direction.

Moving quickly to the border with Syria, Bravo Two Zero patrol walked that night about 50 miles through sleet, making four breaks. Sergeant Vince Philipps leg is hurt in fight with Iraqis, he was very difficult to move, while his colleague Stan, dangerously dehydrated. At one point, they heard the sound of a plane in the air and tried to get in contact with the crew over TACBE devices. They finally got a response, the American pilot is heard their call. The message is forwarded to the headquarters of the British special operations in Saudi Arabia, and soon American and British helicopters headed towards Iraqi territory, to seek the lost patrol. But the rescue mission, and there was some benefit.

In the dark, cold, rainy night, Sergeant Phillips, Corporal Chris and patrol member House of retards and separated from other colleagues. Sergeant Andy McNab, and four other members of the SAS patrol had no choice but to proceed without them, hoping to meet them later. But it did not happen. Rain was soon replaced the snow, it was cold to the bone, in a waterless desert. During the holidays, keep the collected together, trying to warm themselves, just as they were taught in training. Because soaked clothing began to shudder kills them. At night, they continued to move slowly, to the Syrian border.

The next day, while they were resting, they decided to kidnap the first vehicle that comes along. In the dark night they saw a lone light vehicle and stopped it. Stunned passengers were thrown out and jumped in, including the heating “to the floor.” The heads were wrapped in Arabic scarves (shamags), hiding his face. But at one checkpoint stopped them Iraqi patrols. Reacting in the moment, and without hesitation, Legas Lane killed Iraqis who knocked on the window and asked for papers. They immediately jumped out of the vehicle, killed two other soldiers and ran into the desert.

Soldiers feat Chris

They walked a long, constantly referring to them if someone follows. Then in the distance they saw the lights of a village across the border in Syria. They were close to the target. However, when they approached the border, according to them is zapucano. Bullets were flying everywhere. They returned fire and began to retreat. They had to walk six miles to the Syrian border, and the full moon illuminated the path. They stopped to take a break in a bay, when the “touched” Iraqi pursuit. There was a fierce battle, in which the rest of the patrol again separated.

Mark was shot in the elbow and legs, while Robert Consiglio shot in the head. He was the first SAS Special Forces who was killed in battle during “Desert Storm.” He was awarded posthumously. Corporal Lane with Dinger swam into the river Euphrates. They swam to the opposite shore, but Lane was already near the end of power, totally promrzao and soon died. He was posthumously honored. Dinger has tried to escape, but was caught. Sergeant Andy McNab was captured the next morning in a canal, where he was hiding along with the rest of the patrol. They spent a month in jail, subjected to vicious torture that were later exchanged.

Three SAS specials that were previously missing in the desert, also had no luck. Sergeant Phillips disappeared in a snow storm on the night of 26th January 1991. Year. His body Iraqis surrendered to the British at the end of the war.The next day, Stan went to see if he could steal a vehicle. When prišunjao one jeep, Iraqi soldiers came out of his house, apartment ga immediately killed, but it was a signal that the other troops out excursion. Stan had killed three more, but then he braked rifle. The Iraqis did not kill him, but they are hard to beat him with rifle butts. Chris is why I had to continue. He was the only member of the patrol, who managed to get away. It was completely dehydrated, chapped lips and face, hands and feet in difficult wounds. However, the ultimate atoms of power, he was able to cross the Syrian border, 30th January 1991. Year. He walked 117 miles through the Iraqi desert and escaped pursuit, with only two packets of biscuits to eat. The last two Danam was completely without water. Was met with a stream, a flask filled with water, but when he started to drink – his lips are burned! The water was contaminated with uranium.

In Syria, the ga cared for and then switched to the British Embassy in Damascus …

World best seller

Seven-day hike through Chris Iraqi soldiers desert, may be compared only with what Jack forces, one of the first positions SAS did when it passed the North African desert 1942nd years, drinking his own urine to survive.

Sergeant McNab’s own war experiences described in the book titled “Bravo Two Zero”, which became a worldwide bestseller.