Cuban Commando Tropas especiales (CTE) is a special unit specialized for fighting in the jungle. They participated in battles in Angola and other African countries. They also participated in the conflicts in Central America, as in Nicaragua.  Members of Commando Tropas especiales unit are commandos trained for infiltration, sniper operations, working with biological warfare and espionage. Commando Tropas especiales SWAT teams are trained to work in small groups that are able to locate high value and strategically important targets and act with great power.

History of Commando Tropas especiales (CTE)


Formed in the mid-eighties, at the training center for special units in Los Palacios. This training center is commonly called “Baragua” school and is located in a large valley in the mountains near Pinar del Rio. Training Center is known for its large space, within which there are several artificial lakes with very modern training equipment. Training Center was established by de la Guardia brothers. School specialists typically consists of 2500 soldiers in training. It is known that Cuban advisers instructors and specialists coming from China and Vietnam and assist Cuban instructors during the training.

At the training center, commando Tropas especiales are rehearsing for the foundations a struggle, direct action, special reconnaissance, psychological operations. Commando Tropas Especiales also receive training in parachuting, underwater operations, interception target, strategic reconnaissance and intelligence operations.

Equipment of the Commando Unit Tropas especiales

Travelling around the world, they have managed to create a good arsenal of various modern weapons. They were seen with Stechkin pistols, Colt M1911 pistols, Springfield and Garand rifles, FN-FAL , newer FN CAL, assault rifles M-16 (some with M-203 grenade launchers and sniper sights), Spain’s Z-84 machine guns or Barnett Commando bows.

Also, used and PM-63 RAK machine gun as their main weapon along with the old Soviet 5.45mm AKSU-74 (AKR) vending assault and are also seen with Polish immobilizing launcher (WHO-84).

There’s not much more information about the life and work of this unit, excpet that we have prepared for you.