Automatic pistol M84 in caliber 7.65 mm marketed in Zastava Kragujevac on the basis of licenses for Czech arms Vz.61 Scorpio.Designed for the destruction of enemy forces live in close combat. Small size makes it extremely suitable for arming the crews of combat vehicles, combat in urban areas, for concealed carry, as well as to perform special tasks.

Automatic pistol operates on the principle of free recoil shutter. Scorpio operates from a single fire, short bursts of up to 5 cartridges and long bursts of up to 10 bullets. Fire selector has three positions: “0” – stiffly, “1” – single fire, “20” – burst palba. To make the weapon easier to monitor against the rafalnoj firing handle is embedded in the system to slow rate of fire. Theoretical rate of fire is about 750 rounds per minute and a practical 100 rounds per minute. On both sides of the gun are built cocking lever and bushing izabacivanje hole located on the top side of the chest, and the weapon is perfect for left-handed shooters.

Front sight has music and protector, and the last is a toggle for ranges of 75 m and 150 m Czech Vz.61 gun has a handle made of wood, and the handle is plastic Yugoslav M84. The weapon is equipped with a metal folding butt which folds up.

Automatic pistol used M84 ammunition 7.65 x 17 mm. It feeds on the metal box with 10 or 20 rounds. Stopping power due to the small caliber of 7.65 mm in the Czech Republic have been developed and variants of Scorpio in calibers 9 mm x 17 and 9 x 18 mm Makarov.

M84 is a gun if necessary, can equip a silencer shot. Based on the M84 in the “flags” were developed semiautomatic pistols M85A and M85B intended for the civilian market.

Scorpio is massively used in conflicts in the former Yugoslavia. Because of its extremely small size, simplicity and reliability are often used by various guerrilla and terrorist groups around the world.

Automatic pistol M84 caliber 7.65 mm

Caliber: 7.65 mm
Mass weapons without box: 1.28 kg
Barrel length: 115 mm
Number of grooves in the barrel: 6
The initial speed of grain: 310 m / s