One of the largest Russian firearms giants is Izehevsky mekhanichesky Bureau, the plant is owned export more known as the “Baikal”. Valuable constructors Iževskog Institute – Baikala work hard and manufacturing plants regularly create new designs and models of weapons. One of the latest models of the short arms pistol is MP-446 Viking which can definitely be considered as representative of the modern Russian official gun.

Baikal MP-446 Viking is based on the model Yarygin Pya (pistolet Yarygina) whose label manufacturer MP-443 “Grach.” This model is developed for the Russian Army at the end of 90-ies, and after the first test and certain changes, officially the 2003rd was adopted in the armament of the Russian Army as a service pistol. The successor to the famous Makarov PM who spent on this “duty” nearly 50 years. MP 443 Grach have a large-capacity gun box of 17 rounds, made entirely of steel, with classic DA / SA triggering action. It’s able to withstand high operating pressures by developing special ammunition caliber 9 × 19 7N21 high breakdown power that is in official use in the Russian army. This bullet is intended for operations against targets equipped with protective vests and working pressures developed greatly exceed laboration and 9 mm Luger + P ammo which is a good indicator of how well must be a weapon that can use it.Otherwise, “Grach” in literal translation means stone, rock, and given to the Russian tradition of gunsmithing, this name is sufficiently well illustrated by the gun.

Tactical and technical characteristics

Baikal Viking MP-446 as opposed to the base model has a frame of plastic known as polyamide, which ensures the gun lower overall weight of 830 grams compared to 950 grams heavier as MP-443rd Handrail on all sides coarse cut for better catches weapons, ergonomically designed, slightly widened towards the end as the end result is very good, “lying” in his hand. I grip by diameter is quite narrow and fit for shooters with smaller hands, which many guns from the official class really can not claim. Full contour grip is obtained only with inset frame and there are openings (holes) for safety cord.

On the front side of the frame, the left and right are two channels for mounting a variety of tactical accessories but not based on standard mounting rails, so the question is whether they are compatible with installation of most accessories that are offered in the world. The gun is equipped with fixed sight 3-DOT system while, at the customer’s request, offered as an option and adjustable rear sight. The sights are medium-low, rear mounted swallowtail tail and the front is a whole with a cover providing all of us known sighting picture.

The classic double action trigger system with external striker would not particularly attracted attention that cover did not significantly elongated in the back, so that almost completely hides hitter. Apparently, this was done so that the striker would not shoot with concealed carry clothing and the like, but the result is that it had a cocked striker very difficult and uncertain fire in the front position. Cover is simple straight lines with large chop of “cocking”. On the upper side cover, behind the opening of the shell ejection is a puller, who is also an indicator of the bullet in the barrel and very aggressive when it protrudes ammo clearly indicating the status of weapons.

Classically grooved tube is made of stainless steel with a length of 112.8 mm extra enlarged, massive block the breech block SIG system (breech block to block tube into the nap of the shell ejection).

At frame pistols, with both sides of the lever mechanical brake which is activated brake trigger mechanism and with its bent and loosened blow. Hardener button box, significantly larger than the other models of guns at your usual position, and it is possible to switch to the other side of the frame for the left-handed shooters. Bullion hardener (joints) covers significantly and markedly elongated to make it more easily accessible for servicing.

Capacity of the frame is 18 caliber bullets 9 mm Luger as the user provides considerable potential for fire. With the replacement of the bottom of the frame – plastic pedals (who manages to find) it is possible to increase the capacity of the box on 19 shots. Otherwise, the Vikings models manufactured before early 2005. delivered each year, with the capacity of 17 boxes of bullets. The frame itself is made of steel and has a specific structure, with no narrowing at the top due to the bullets when filling arranged in two parallel rows and not in a zig-zag line. The same simply by pushing a full bullet directly lifter bullets, no underlining the “lip” of the frame. This method of filling the frame is quite unusual for guns and we meet regularly with ga frame for vending machines and automatic rifles but the goal is to construct more compact frame accommodate as many bullets. This solution, filling the frame is much easier and trouble it can work even in gloves, which are due to the weather (read: winter) conditions in Russia, an essential part of the equipment of every soldier and policeman. Solutions are conditioned and special design introductory ramp breech. Specifically, shot from the frame of this construction goes beyond the setter in relation to the axis of pipe a little to one side and the introductory ramp for better “alignment” bullet very extended and the duplex type with opening channels that begin even on the pistol frame. And it proved to be the best solution …

Standard Viking MP 446 is offered in a version with more nickel-plated cover, with fixed or adjustable tombstones and frames with 18 or 10 rounds. MP-446C Viking   is the sports version of the basic model. It differs only in tombstones that are adjustable on this model. This is a standard length of pipe and tube length of 120 mm.

General impressions of the line of fire

Pistol MP-446 Viking is a modern gun of large dimensions, good ergonomics and grip when you take it into the hands of a positive surprise of his weight in relation to the size and overall impression. Although a solid finish and manipulation commands work covers accompanied by smaller “scraping” and can not be described as perfect, and the general conclusion is that the gun could have a little better and better finiširati. This is especially noticed when firing, and with a force of about 2.5 pounds in a single load and about 5.5 kg in the double, it is necessary to get used to and a bit whimsical journey Harvester. It thus boasts Viking especially in terms of handling the very weapons the release of the box. Namely, by pressing the button of resin frame, empty frame literally blasting out of the grip immediately. Use of material in frame-making Poyamid allows very sturdy pistol grip given that compared to other pistols with similar frame of synthetic materials, very adherent to the fist. A general kind of ruins the look of the gun oversized block on pipes bravljanje and cut into nap of which are not identical on both sides and the right side is not full length. Extended the cover, release tense hitters in the front position with a bullet in the barrel, the action really make this an adventure and “deckocker” the Viking would be more than desirable. Finishing covers (black oxide finish) on a solid basis.

For practical testing of weapons used ammunition SelierQBellot Czech producers with grain FMJ weighing 8 grams (124 Greina) and Prvi Partizan ammunition with grain Soft Point weight 8.4 grams, of course, the caliber 9 mm Luger since the Viking is not produced in other calibers . Manufacturer of handguns in the technical documentation referred to as parameter precision weapons Group 150 mm in diameter at a distance of 25 meters and a maximum deviation of the sighting point scoring to 75 mm at the same distance, which we will not leave the impression that this is a particularly accurate weapon. However, the group obtained accurate fire at a range of 25 meters were within the circle of 8 cm, which is almost twice as better than those declared by the manufacturer. Quick fire was the silhouette of the target from a distance of 12 meters also yielded excellent results with a group of about 10 cm, and the sharper, sharpen corner handle, the fast firing and transferring sighting point was not losing sight of sight and the sequence of shots was very fast. Just to trigger that little fix …

As far as functionality Viking has worked flawlessly, and literally knows no weapon jams … with the type of grain FMJ.But when we used the type of grain Soft Point, began first outages. Because specific introductory ramp into the chamber that we have previously described, with the participation of less dirty after 50-odd rounds of bullets, lead the top part of grain simply did not cross over ramps and cover paused on the way forward. True this delay is easily removed by hand blow “ass” cover but on this occasion generally broken a general impression of the reliability of this gun. In addition to regularly clean the introductory ramp delays are not repeated in further shooting and concluded that this combination of soft grain and soiling point is extremely discouraging. Yet as the Viking modeled on a military gun Grach, and military use is mostly FMJ ammo types (whole grain liner) we can assume that you are still designers out Iževskog crept small oversight. But what do they care, they already produce for export only with respect to weapons in this caliber (9 mm Luger), when they are not allowed to owning citizens.


Viking MP 446 in the concept of the modern official gun suitable for civil possession and personal protection generally meets all requirements as well as his “colleagues” from the West. Low weight, high capacity and reliable operation with a careful choice of the grain and strong design features that we are accustomed to meet with many other models of Russian weapons, including the Viking is no exception. However, if you need it, in which case some part of the pistol or accessories, either repair the defect or possibly just that little finishing weapon, unfortunately, in the local market, there is little choice. Although advertised as a gun several times cheaper than Western rivals situation in our market it is not at all in favor. Viking price is around 1350 km, so close to the price of a renowned Glock or Smith & Wesson MP 9 and HS-exceed price of about 20%.




Baikal MP-446 Viking


9 mm Luger

Weight gun – empty

830 gr

Length gun

196 mm

Length of pipe

112.8 mm

Capacity Framework


Trigger mechanism

Dual action-DA




Oxide brunir

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