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Pistol Taurus PT-1911

Brazilians were fifty years ago, as a military pistol adopted its own version of the most popular official gun in the world, the U.S. M-1911 in .45 ACP caliber, whose production has not ceased. With such experience in the production of this model, it is not surprising that the first U.S. and then the world market, 2005. offered a rather serious and nicely polished version, produced in the factory “Forjas Taurus” from the city of Porto Alegre, called the Taurus PT-1911.

Why Taurus PT?

The answer to this question is quite simple. “Taurus” on their new model PT-1911, for less offers more pairs, but whether this is indeed the case in practice, should be determined. Given. that the model M-1911 in .45 ACP caliber on the market survives for more than one hundred years, and to date has produced countless varieties, dozens of different manufacturers around the world.

However, a small number of these guns was made in extremely high quality, while most only basic military version, which is barely narrowly remained unchanged, from its origins. Of course, top models from the latest productions, especially those from small, mostly famous handicraft workshops have significantly improved, refined and fabricated in accordance with the current trends and market demands.

So these pieces visually, ergonomically and tactically incredibly improved compared to the somewhat outdated and basic variants are almost a completely new and different weapons.

Copies are superbly done and the high price of a thousand, to as much as several thousand dollars apiece, as they are largely the result of serious finishing masterful handwork and upasivanja. Bearing all this in mind, the “Taurus” they decided that the version that they offer, be refined up to the highest current standards and with all the extra parts that imply that, but at the price of the basic version of most famous manufacturers. The consequence of this well-thought out decision, it was the model PT-1911, which is now real, in ten versions (including standard and compact, with an aluminum or steel frame, stainless or carbon steel, with a Picatinny rail or without the various types of cover …).

Lifetime warranty

Already the first look at these weapons, indicating the severity of the manufacturer, as is supplied in a luxury plastic case, along with detailed instructions, lifetime warranty for the owner, the key to have a standard, built-in lock and walk home tools to facilitate folding because of the bearing sleeve fairly closely packed.

When you take a gun, immediately captures the look and fins in matt black finish, combined with a brilliant polished sides of the sleeve and the pipe. The same feeling, that is before you great weapon of prime quality, remains present and when you take it in hand. Everything on it is exactly as you would like it to be a model of this configuration, and the entire napasovan so tightly, that looks like a monolithic piece of metal. Simply feeling when meeting with him is very good and immediately provokes respect and sense of security.
The rest is mostly a classic today, but only on the most expensive models.

New Model PT-1911 is the weapon caliber. 45 ACP, one frame and everyone already known, classic design, made to the highest industry standards, from first-class cold-forged steel, with the lowest possible tolerances.

The whole concept, it’s reliable and modern combat pistol, excellent precision. Has an overall length of 210 mm, forged pipe classical configuration, 127 mm long and the total mass of 1120 g without frames. Gun PT-1911 uses frames with 8 cartridges (comes with two frames with thick plastic lid), while their commands and ways of functioning does not differ from the top craft četrdesetpetica.

It has a massive cover in which is mounted especially carefully made, very good quality, the tube. It has classically keeping on top of the sleeve cap, made with two ribs and two channels of the breech block, Colt-Browning short-recoil system. Has a left step twist of 1:16 inches and six fields and grooves.

At the beginning of the breech, with extreme care has been processed editorial, they would be working with all types of grain. On this model the complete, turntables return springs full length, which contributes to the accuracy and uniformity in the work. Convertible no special features. On the sides of the cover engraved are very aggressive, very shallow, flat and wide, symmetrical surfaces for cocking and from the back and from the front. On the firing pin is mounted automatic brake in the form of blocks which covers and blocks until the firing.

Classic luxury without

Eject hole sleeve is enlarged, which increases reliability. Classic interior puller, which confirmed its reliability, through nearly one hundred years of service, has been further strengthened and modified. Cover is low and rounded, and one of the few flaws the model PT-1911, is there is no longitudinal shaded surface at the top, to minimize reflections.

Ram of the pistol also does not show anything that has not already been seen, but the dapper maximum. Traditionally styled, this frame is a complete flat housing shock springs, checked with thirty lines per inch, and are mounted on it, and other parts. First of all, there’s a fully adjustable trigger with trigger rate, facilitated by three circular slits.

Trigger is facilitated, slotted (Since it is incorporated in the safety lock, with a lock and a slot for the key on the upper side). Fitted and long, curved tail up automatic brakes (Beaver Tail), with wide rib on the bottom and both sides, long but narrow, the manual brake lever (to the gun remained suitable for carrying in a holster on the body), with curved surfaces and incisions lever . Cover and frame are connected into a whole sleeve of classic shapes and sizes, but the round knob of resin increased frame and finely checked.


The front of the handle and bottom of the bumper trigger are finely checked, with thirty lines per inch, which improves control.
Brazilian PT-1911 is a complete diamond ornament checked, thin and comfortable, but cheap plastic cover (which is a concession to an extremely low price of around $ 650 in the U.S. and about 780 euros in Europe), which were set in place with two allen treated decently bolts. This gives it a nice, but not luxurious look.

However, a good and attractive appearance is due to the excellent finish, with impeccable quality inclusions and finishes.
Editorial frame has not increased, but the interior is expanded, so the overflow safely and quickly. Because the PT-1911 reliably and safely weapon, whose quality no doubt, which is the case for most other model variants M-1911.

Quick fire 

At the shooting range, the Taurus shows exactly what you would expect from him. We have tried a model PT-1911 with three types of ammunition, and it showed that it is very fast, accurate and absolutely reliable. Introduction of bullets is easy, regardless of the type of grain ejection čaghura clean and smooth, and a substitute frame is easy and quick. In terms of accuracy, it can be classified among the better guns of this type. With all types of grain, group hits were at a distance 25 m diameter between 40 and 65 mm, which is really great. However, the brightest are shown in rapid fire.

Pleasant heavy, glossy and incorporated napasovan, with impeccable short, clear and clipped firing (trigger stroke and force withdrawals are completely štelujući), the entire frame is at a distance of 15 feet, gently settled into a circle slightly larger than 10 cm (with rapid fire, connected by two rounds). Truly impressive combat weapon, especially when you bear in mind the severe and lethal rounds caliber .45 ACP. Thanks to the excellent combat tombstones with three white spots, type Novak, who are probably the best currently on the market, transmitting fire from the target at the target, it is quick and easy, and the control is really great.

Simple, PT-1911 quickly gain confidence scorer, which is without a number of dressing and interventions do not usually expect from this price range weapons, especially if it should be used in the field, complex conditions. Although everything on the gun PT-1911 has already been seen in other models, it certainly is a phenomenal concept, at an extremely affordable price, so the only possible conclusion is that the true happiness which is ultimately to be found in Europe. Once bad words, “Taurus” has finally made the right winning combination and left his personal stamp on the production of combat pistols.

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