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Sig-Sauer P226 pistol 4

Sig-Sauer P226 pistol

The Sig-Sauer P226 pistol originates from 1980 and was specially manufactured to the technical specifications of the US Army. The Pentagon was searching a replacement for the old Colt 1911 pistol. They wanted to equip US Army with a 9mm Para pistol with a large magazine capacity. For final decision, US army finally close the Beretta 92F for their service weapon.

The Sig-Sauer P226 is derived from the P220 pistol, but the magazine can hold 15 rounds in the caliber 9mm Para. The locking, the uncocking lever and the firing pin safety are the same as that of the previous models of Sig-Sauer P220 and P225.

Dimensions of Sig-Sauer P226

The total lenght of the Sig-Sauer P226 is 196mm. The barrel has a lenght of 112 mm and a right-hand twist of 250mm. The height is 139mm and when using extra thin grips, the width is 37mm.

This weapon has a fixed rear sight with a sight radius of 160mm. Sig-Sauer P226 empty weight is 845g and with a full magazine this pistol weighs 1035g. The trigger pressure in double and single action is same as that of the P225.

Sport versions of Sig-Sauer P226

In 1997, the P226 pistol was relased in a number of sporting versions in 9mm Para caliber and with an adjustable micrometer sights. The P226 Sport II has an alloy frame and a stainless steel slide. The barrel lenght of this type is 112 or 139 mm. A second spor model is the P226 Sport II SL with a stainless steel frame and slide. In addition, extra barrel weight can be fitted to this weapon. In this version Sig-Sauer P226 Sport II SL weighs 1351g. The standard model P226 has been available for some years now in the caliber .40 S&W (12 rounds) and .357 Sig (12 rounds).

Special models of P226

In 2001 Sig-Sauer brought out two special jubilee models to celebrate their 250th anniversary. Only twenty five of the stainless steel P226-2011 were made. A second commemorative version was the blued version with beautifully gilded controls. This version was limited to sewenty five weapons.

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