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Zastava M84 machine gun - "Sower of Death" 3

Zastava M84 machine gun – “Sower of Death”

Machine gun M84 7.62 mm Zastava Kragujevac developed on the basis of the Russian PKM machine guns. Mass was used in all armed conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, where he was given the nickname “The sower of death.” Like all guns, M84 is designed to destroy enemy live force, fire equipment, unscreened and lightly armored vehicles, and can be used against low-altitude aerial targets. Sighting range shooting is up to 1500 m, the effective range against detected targets is 1000 m.

The best results are achieved at distances up to 600 m of acting to short bursts (up to 10 shots), long bursts (up to 25 rounds) and continuous firing. Theoretical rate of fire is 700 rounds per minute, and practical about 250 rounds per minute.

M84 machine gun uses 7.62 ammunition x54R with ordinary, hard, piercing-incendiary, marking and piercing-incendiary bullet-marking. The initial speed is 825 grains m / s Machine gun is fed using cartridges from feed belts with 50 bullets.Batteries can be continued, are complex the ammunition box capacity of 100 or 250 rounds. Ammunition box with 100 rounds can be placed on the underside of the carrier crates machine guns.

When placed in the role of machine guns, M84 is placed on a pedestal – a tripod. The stand provides better stability when firing, significantly increases the accuracy of fire and enable the effect against targets in the air. The role of machine guns, M84 operates with sklapajućih feet.

For sighting the target uses a mechanical, optical sight and passive night sight. Last mechanically hindsight has graduation marked numbered from 0 to 15 – the value of each graduation is 100 m, and graduation are used for shooting aerial targets. ON M80 optical sight allows aiming at distances up to 1500 m, determine the approximate distance to the target and measure vertical angles. Passive hindsight PN 5 × 80 is used for aiming and observing the battlefield at night.

M84 served three soldiers – gunner, assistant-decision. The march is transported in the vehicle, and the battle ga carrying service. In combat, M84 showed remarkable efficiency, lethality and accuracy. In addition, it is characterized by its reliability and ease of maintenance and use.


Caliber: 7.62 mm
Weight of machine guns with legs: 10 kg
Weight of machine gun with stand: 15 kg
Length of the machine gun: 1175 mm
Pipe length: 660 mm
Sighting line: 663 mm
Weight of pipe: 2.6 kg
Mass mils with 100 rounds: 3.8 kg
Mass mils with 250 rounds: 9.4 kg
Theoretical rate of fire: 700 Met / min
The initial speed of grain: 825 m / s
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